Belly in Bliss (from Tumblr-3)

Bon apetit!



Today was quite something! The beautiful, crispy autumn that I love finally seemed to arrive in earnest, and with it a run and the first of, hopefully many, hikes through the Outing Club I have started just this year at my school! Only two kids signed up, but it was the perfect size group for a hike—not too big, nor too small—and we all enjoyed the day, which  was the point, so it was perfect!

The ending was pretty great too—a pizza inspired loosely by this that turned out splendidly! I have found that my taste buds get bored very easily, therefore this pizza has a very different ‘crust’ than center, so I got almost two different pizzas in one!

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Belly in Bliss (from Tumblr-3)