Belly in Bliss (from Tumblr-2)

Another post from my Tumblr. Enjoy!

Lonely Sunday Nights = Prime-Time Cupcake Time

I don’t know about you, but this is what my Sunday nights look like. (Hopefully) no more homework weighs over me and my creativity is able to thrive with the help of comfy clothing, and a great Pandora station.

This past Sunday I was alone, so naturally, I baked some cupcakes. I recently have found this wonderful blog that I love. She has a recipe for chocolate cupcakes on there from yet another source (found here). So, I made half what that recipe called for, because in my family, we don’t eat normal desserts very often, so this is actually a rarely, mainstream dessert recipe for me. 12 normal and delicious cupcakes were in order, however because my cousin was in need of a little cheering after struggling through the beginning of her senior year with a relentless soar throat and general sickness. A family friend was also in need of a thank you, so 6 for each seemed perfect.

The company of two large bowls, the smell of chocolate, and the inspiration the sight of mint extract provided me when I spotted it in the pantry kept me quite busy and contented that night. There is nothing quite like putting energy, time, and care into something made with your hands, knowing it/they are going to someone you care for. Anyways, these are so yummy and my own frosting delightfully inspired me with its liquid-ey outcome. Read on and enjoy!

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Belly in Bliss (from Tumblr-2)