Belly in Bliss (from Tumblr-3)

Bon apetit!



Today was quite something! The beautiful, crispy autumn that I love finally seemed to arrive in earnest, and with it a run and the first of, hopefully many, hikes through the Outing Club I have started just this year at my school! Only two kids signed up, but it was the perfect size group for a hike—not too big, nor too small—and we all enjoyed the day, which  was the point, so it was perfect!

The ending was pretty great too—a pizza inspired loosely by this that turned out splendidly! I have found that my taste buds get bored very easily, therefore this pizza has a very different ‘crust’ than center, so I got almost two different pizzas in one!

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Belly in Bliss (from Tumblr-3)

Belly in Bliss


What comforts you more than a warm, gushy but crispy combination of cheese and bread? I honestly don’t know. Maybe cookies right out of the oven, but this morning, I was feeling like I needed to skip breakfast not quite to dessert, but to something savory. Looking outside to this crisp, drizzly, grey, fall morning grilled cheese just called my name.

Naturally, my first step to cooking was to look into what other people had come up with for fun grilled cheese’s that aren’t your typical bread and cheese combination (though that is a deliciously simple meal, I was feeling something a bit more exciting). I found this on one of the many food blogs I follow and got some inspiration.

Opening the fridge, I found some blueberries, hummus, olive tampenede, and bleu cheese. I also delighted in the fact that my mom recently bought pears from the store. Random assortment.. right? That is how the best meals come together.

QUICK CONFESSION before we get into the recipes and magic of these sandwiches:

I have incredibly impatient taste-buds. I rarely can eat a whole meal consisting of one or two things. I find I just get bored. It is an unfortunate fact, however it makes it more fun to cook because then I always end up creating two or three little meals in one!

Anyways, this morning I decided to create two completely different, small, grilled cheese’s: the first is a bit more salty, while the second is sweet, but both are deelicious. Here goes! Continue reading “Belly in Bliss”

Belly in Bliss